Hydrason’s WBS system offers fast, accurate, non-contact assessment of critical infrastructure from a standard ROV platform

Faster, Better, Cheaper

In an industry where shutdown of a key transport line can lead to $1,000,000 per day in lost production, technologies which can safely shorten the time to remediation are of enormous value.

In most cases Hydrason’s systems operate in standard survey modes on industry-standard ROV platforms. Gathering mission critical data on a critical line at 2-3 m/s, an acute blockage or flow restriction can be found quickly and safely from outside the line. Alternative methods may require direct contact and restricted materials handling. Identification of the location and extent of the blockage to within a few centimetres accuracy means interventions can be planned efficiently and effectively The challenge is overcome and the line and critical revenues are brought back on stream more quickly.

Flow Assurance

Our wideband sonar technology is unique in being able to determine the location and extent of a blockage accurately and with no direct contact with the structure. This can be done rapidly on board an industry-standard remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

Integrity Management

Corrosion detection and monitoring is critical for effective intervention planning for integrity management. In standard non-contact ROV survey modes, the WBS can measure wall thickness changes to better than 0.5mm accuracy.


Wideband acoustics are ideal for flooded member detection (FMD). A structure filled with air responds differently to a structure filled with water or hydrocarbon products. The WBS provides rapid, non-contact assessment of flooding and flood level.