Hydrason Solutions’ innovative ultra-wideband sonar systems and services provide new capabilities for subsea survey. Going far beyond conventional sonar, wideband acoustic processing returns mission critical structural, condition and content information for subsea infrastructure and environmental survey.

Subsea Oil & Gas

For flow assurance and integrity management, Hydrason’s WBS system is unique in offering fast, accurate, non-contact assessment of critical infrastructure from an industry standard remotely operated vehicle (ROV).


Hydrason’s WBS system is a key component in the HOME-Offshore programme for subsea cable tracking and condition monitoring. This system interfaces with robotics control on a fully autonomous platform.

MCM/UXO Detection

Hydrason’s technology is driven by needs for the most effective mine countermeasures (MCM) systems to ensure naval and maritime security. The technology is equally applicable to UXO (unexploded ordnance) detection and identification for civil operations.


Dealing safely with ageing infrastructure, now well beyond its design life, requires excellent information. Good decision-making relies on good knowledge about the state of the structures and of the materials they contain. Using Hydrason’s systems you can get this information quickly and efficiently.


Hydrason’s seabed classification modules provide sediment level information directly from the wideband acoustic response. Aiding rapid environmental survey, this addresses the increasing need for assessment of human impacts on marine habitats and fisheries.